Aakhol Ghor, the Assamese Cuisines and Foods from Assam

Its all about Food and Food Habits from the land of blue hills and red river, Assam.

Aakhol Ghor means Kitchen in Assamese. Assamese traditional Kitchens normally has two parts. First the dining area plus a small cooking space for tea etc. And the next bigger and more functional room is the actual kitchen with at least two earthen fire places (chowka).If you are a food lover you can hope to see a lot of authentic Assamese Recipes in this place......


Some famous Chef of India once said, " India is so unique, one can find three different recipes for the same chicken curry in the three houses lined in the same row. Every kitchen and every cook in India has it's own cook book, unlike rest of the world."
I personally feel it is so well said. Even in my case, you might find small to big differences in your known method of cooking and the ones posted here. I call them true Assamese for two main reasons, one: because of the spices used, and two: my granny knew nothing beyond her village ( she did not believe that cauliflower can be green, which is Broccoli). So whatever she cooked was passed on over generation. And my Mom finds it hard to believe anything can be cooked beyond her traditional methods( she is best at it, though she makes excellent Indo - Chinese things, invented). So please feel free to put in your comments / correction. One thing I can assure is I have cooked all these ( everything) myself with my own hands at least once. So whatever is here is tried and tested. You are always welcome to do your bit of experiment !!!!!

Breakfast - Paani Pitha

This is a typical assamese delicacy. This is one of my personal favorite. This is quick make and good to taste.

  1. Wheat flour
  2. Salt / Sugar to taste
  3. Onion for the salted version
  4. very little oil for frying


Mix wheat and sugar and salt+ onion. If you like sweet salt taste, then do not add the onion and add salt and sugar both to taste. Add water and mix well. It should be neither too thick nor thin. Can be of the same density as that of a cake batter.

Heat a flat pan to a medium hot. sprinkle some oil. Take a medium scoop of the batter. Add to the pan and spread fast in a circular motion. Low the flame. Cover for sometime ( it depends on the thickness of you pan). Reverse it and cook the other side. if you want a little crispy, add some more oil. Once cooked remove from flame and repeat the process for the rest of the 'pitha'.

Your pitha is ready. You can use rice flour in place of wheat flour. But you need practice to do so. You can have it with hot tea. You can serve it with Dry Potato veg ( xukan aaloo bhaaji) or simply honey.


  1. Very good effort my friend. Keep posting.

  2. Superb! excellent!! Think I should visit you guys in Hyd soon..;-)



  4. Ami normally pitha guri d bonua tu khau. Batter tu poniya hole olop crispy hoi.

  5. It is just "tele bhaja"you make it rice powder , onions,oil +aloo fry "pani pitha" no use of oil..It makes with steam..